In Aotearoa, New Zealand, our tūpuna (ancestors) recorded the names the moons and observed trends with nature associated with those moons. I am inspired by this knowledge. There are a few knowledge systems depending on your longitude and latitude. Acknowledgements to Rereata Makiha, Heeni Hoterene, Rangi Mataamua, Reuben Taipari for sharing their knowledge. See the daily moon on the digital https://app.native.zone.


No stress, relax on the new moon whiro. Traditional Māori knowledge records this day as a phase dedicated to the atua Whiro, who is often associated with misfortune, pests and disease.

Moon of Ōuenuku

Maramataka Māori moon report for Ōuenuku. Early waxing building phase, 12% illumination. This can be a primo day and night - building energy, ideal for laying down seedling beds, planting and fishing.