Native Zone is an independent publisher that focuses on supporting native & indigenous stories, voices, knowledge systems, languages and cultures. Sometimes supporting native aspirations also means deconstructing colonial and imperial structures.


Decentralised Social Media Network

We are HUGE fans of decentralised social media networks and have taken to the Scuttlebut Framework to deploy our own Native Zone Pub. To access it

1. Download a piece of software called Patchwork.

2. Create your account.

3. Then come and have a drink with us in the Native Zone Pub, here is the invite code, it's a pretty hard-out code but don't be intimidated:

Invite 1

Invite 2

Moon Phase App

Native Zone provides a free to use Māori moon phase app. The app assists with:

1. Identifying tonight's moon.

2. Identifying days to go fishing.

3. Identifying day for planting and gardening.

4. Translating specific kupu Māori to English.


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